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AGA Studio

estudio de arquitectura y diseño madrid España
Diseño de mobiliario
Diseño de espacios a medida
El estudio

Tailor-made spaces,

Human-centered design

We design architectures focused on the well-being of people, focusing on the social, physical, and emotional aspects.

We collaborate with developers to create sustainable and flexible communities with high-quality standards.

Our approach is unique, creative, and committed to collaboration and innovation. Our experience spans the fields of architecture, design and craftsmanship.

Multi-family building in the urban area of a town in the Sierra de Madrid. The constructive and aesthetic techniques of the building are adapted to and follow the guidelines of this unique environment, providing apartments with flexible layouts that seek to attract young families and contribute to the regeneration of urban and rural space.

Edificio residencial
Edificio residencial
Edificio residencial
Edificio uso flexible
Edificio uso flexible
Estudio de arquitectura y diseño Diagrama perspectiva.jpg
Aga studio Proyecto Carrick Yard - Ilustración
Estudio de arquitecrura y diseño, edificio Carrick Yard_Luton de día_edited_edited.jpg
Agastudio Carrick Yard_Luton de día_edited.jpg

Complete regeneration of Luton Street in Westminster, London.

The project begins with the total demolition of the existing buildings and subsequent construction of social and private housing in blocks of buildings and rows of houses together with the community areas.

estudio de arquitectura y rediseño de una vivienda en molina de segura
Vivienda unifamiliar con patio

Redefinition of a single-family home with the aim of developing the main day-to-day activities on a single level. A plant with diaphanous and open spaces where a large patio and its pool become a natural extension of the house.

Estudio de arquitectura y diseño de una ubanización de viviendas B&NHoddesdon .jpg
Hoddesdon 02 sin cielo.jpg
Estudio de arquitectura y diseño transformacion de un antiguo vertedero en .jpg
Imagen para Home.jpg

Transformation of an old landfill in the Hertfordshire area, through the generation of a wetland with reservoirs and natural areas, to build 42 single-family homes with high levels of quality and perfectly located to integrate into nature

Apartment reform project to maximize space with the least possible intervention, connecting rooms with maximum use and turning circulation areas into useful spaces. Design and integration of pieces of furniture.

estudio de arquitectura y diseño img de una creación de muebeles a medida .jpg
3. Plantería.jpg
Edificio usos mixtos
Edificio usos mixtos
Estudio de arquitectura y diseño interior de como quedo el rediseño de Elephant Park
Agastudio AHMM_3364_15_Contemporary_edited.jpg

Third phase of a regeneration project for Elephant Park in London, comprising 4 buildings and a 25-storey tower with a total of 382 homes. makes it uniquePodium, common ground plan for all the buildings, which contains commercial areas and multiple services for residents. The landscaped upper platform facilitates access to the houses.

The building is included in the list of 100 Representative Elements of the Industrial Heritage of Spain from the 19th century. It is the best example of 19th century industrial architecture in the region.

Edificio de usos múltiples
Estudio de arquitectura y diseño concurso
Propuesta centro cultural
Estudio de arquitectura y diseño concurso En Torrelavega
Madera sostenible

Paseo de La Habana, 9-11, Madrid


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