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Residential Buildings in Carrick Yard

Westminster, London

(with Flanagan Lawrence)


Linkcity and Westminster Builds Joint Venture

Builder:Bouygues UK

Interior design:



Gustafson Porter + Bowman


Under construction 2022

Aga studio Proyecto Carrick Yard - Ilustración

The project consists of the complete remodeling and regeneration of Luton Street in Westminster, London.

The construction begins with the complete demolition of the existing buildings on the site for the construction of social and private housing in blocks of buildings and rows of houses as well as community areas for the residents of the neighborhood.

aga studio Proyecto Carrick Yard Plano de Planta
aga studio Proyecto Carrick Yard - Ilustración de vista exterior

The main objectives are to maximize the value of the land to return it to the council and, thus, carry out the greatest possible contribution to the neighborhood,

building housing of the highest design and quality standards, creating a pedestrian axis from Fisherton Street to Salisbury Street, as well as a sports hall for neighborhood use.

Agastudio Carrick Yard_Vista desde Samford Street
Agastudio Carrick Yard_Luton frontal

Exterior view detail facade

View common areas

Agastudio Carrick Yard_Luton_Interior.jpg
Agastudio Carrick Yard - Luton de noche.jpeg

Exterior view from Samford Street


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