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House Ramon

Ceuti, Murcia




Ceuti, Murcia


Execution Project 2023

Diagramas de concepto - bocetos-01.jpg

The project for this plot located in Ceutí, consists of a Single Family Home with pool and patio for a family of four people.

The house is articulated by two L-shaped volumes, protecting the interior of the house and generating a patio where the pool and porch are located. 

The night area, where we find the rooms and the connecting corridor, is distributed along the main volume whose longest façade faces Ramón Martínez street.

Vista alzado lateral copia.jpg

A sloping roof is proposed as a connection element between both volumes, a flat tile roof that extends generating a series of eaves that protect the facades of the house through shadow spaces, necessary comfort elements due to the climate of the Region.

In terms of materiality, a fluted and colored covering is projected with the tones of the surrounding houses, so that the project can be camouflaged among them integrated into its context.

Vista esquina exterior cielo cambiado.jpg

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