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Trafalgar House Residential Building

Mill Hill, London

(with Superfusionlab)


Trafalgar House LLP/London




Completed 2016

Aga Studio Trafalgar Contexto

The site is located on a residential street, Greenville Place, which ends in a cul-de-sac in Mill Hill, North London.

The building had an office use distributed over 3 floors, ground floor + II, with high ceilings and brick and monolayer facades.

aga studio proyecto trafalgar - Vista exterior.jpg
3. Planta.jpg

The change of use to residential was approved as part of a plan by the city council to promote the increase of housing in the area.

The site has an approximate area of 2,100 square meters while the building occupies only 860 square meters per floor, with a total of 2,580 square meters.

aga studio Proyecto Trafalgar - Vista interior habitación
aga studio proyecto trafalgar - Vista interior salón

The proposal includes the rehabilitation of the brick facades and the expansion of the window openings to provide light and ventilation to the apartments,

maintaining and recovering the original characteristics and values of the building as a Warehouse.

aga studio proyecto trafalgar - Detalle
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