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BTR ​City Suites, Chapel Street

Salford, Manchester

 (with Flanagan Lawrence)


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Completed 2017

aga studio Proyecto Chapel Street City suites - Chapel and Greengate

The proposal consists of the redevelopment of plot 16 Chapel Street, in Salford, Manchester.

The Build to Rent project includes the demolition of an existing block and the erection of a new building comprising 260 apartments, a gym, a swimming pool, a lounge and commercial areas.

Aga studio Proyecto Chapel Street City Suites - Chapel-Street
aga studio Proyecto chapel street city suites Detalle

Sitting on the River Irwell and overlooking Manchester Cathedral, the development in the area known as The Exchange, Greengate is strategically important in connecting Manchester city center with Salford.

The square that is located just in front called Greengate square, plays a key role, together with the proposal, in the activation of the area and the extension of public uses.

aga studio proyecto Chapel street city suites - Detalle
aga studio proyecto chapel street city suites - Detalle

facade detail

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