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Apartment in Mirasierra

Mirasierra, Madrid




Mirasierra, Madrid


Under construction 2023

240410 AGA-28_edited.jpg

The project consists of the reform of an apartment for a family with two kids.


Our clients sought to renew the environment of their home through materiality and furniture, improving the quality of the space. 

240410 AGA-21.jpg
A01_Propuesta pabellón-A150.jpg

A connection with the upper terrace of the apartment is proposed, thus generating a pavilion for multipurpose use: space for rest, work or leisure, according to the needs of its inhabitants.

The connection is made through a spiral staircase that functions as the protagonist of the central space and that allows light to enter the house through a roof window.

221013_Publicación Sección Costa Brava.jpg
Publicación Costa Brava-01.jpg

For the pavilion envelope, a series of fiber cement panels are proposed that can be fixed or mobile depending on the interior openings of the pavilion covered with cement mortar.

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