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Soto del Real, Madrid




Soto del Real, Madrid


Under construction 2023 


The project consists of a weekend and vacation home located on the south face of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

The house has an L-shaped configuration on an access podium that will function as a covered terrace for family gatherings in summer.

The plant is open, being the L-shaped volumes that configure the space. On the one hand, a higher pavilion where the kitchen, toilets, a living/dining room area and a double room with a bathroom with a balcony overlooking La Cañada will be located.

On the other hand, a lower pavilion that will serve as a living room.

1. Planta.jpg

As a configurator element of the two volumes, there is a large wood-burning fireplace to warm the family and its visitors on winter days in the Sierra.

The gabled roofs of the house are structured by means of a series of laminated wood trusses that are visible under wooden panels that highlight the gabled structure of these roofs, creating a warm mountain atmosphere.

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